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Accepted Posters

Dimitra Giannakopoulou, NASA Ames Research Center, United States
James Clause, University of Delaware, Austin United States

The Posters Track will take place during the three days of the ICSE 2016 Main Conference (Wednesday 18 through Friday 20). The ICSE 2016 Main Conference Schedule will be posted in February.

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Accepted Posters

A New Homogeneous Pure Birth Process based Software Reliability Model
A New Thread-Aware Birthmark for Plagiarism Detection of Multithreaded Programs
Applying Scrum to the Army - A Case Study
Assessing Iterative Practical Software Engineering Courses with Play Money
Candoia: A Platform and Ecosystem for Mining Software Repositories Tools
Characterizing API Elements in Software Documentation with Vector Representation
Continuous Assessment of Software Traceability
Debugging Reactive Programming with Reactive Inspector
Extracting Conceptual Interoperability Constraintsfrom API Documentation using Machine Learning
Guiding the Crowds for Android Testing
Making a Difference: An Overview of Humanitarian Free Open Source Systems
Mapping API Elements for Code Migration with Vector Representations
Mobile Malware Detection in the Real World
On the Effectiveness of Labeled Latent Dirichlet Allocation in Automatic Bug-Report Categorization
On the Reduction of Verbose Queries in Text Retrieval Based Software Maintenance
Recommending Developers with Supplementary Information for Issue Request Resolution
Security Expert Recommender in Software Engineering
Technical Debt Prioritization using Predictive Analytics
Topsy-Turvy: A Smarter and Faster Parallelization of Mutation Analysis
Towards Promoting Design and UML Modeling Practices in the Open Source Community
When to Release in Open Source Project?

Program Committee

Dalal Alrajeh, Imperial College London, England
Ivan Beschastnikh, University of British Columbia, Canada
Pavan Kumar Chittimalli, Tata Consultancy Services, India
Antonio Filieri, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Sol Greenspan, National Science Foundation, USA
René Just, University of Washington, USA
Gregory Kapfhammer, Allegheny College, USA
Rezwana Karim, Samsung Research, USA
Patricia Lago, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands
Shuvendu Lahiri, Microsoft Research, USA
Claire Le Goues, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Collin McMillan, University of Notre Dame, USA
Emerson Murphy-Hill, North Carolina State University, USA
Meiyappan Nagappan, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Shiva Nejati, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Tien Nguyen, Iowa State University, USA
Adrian Nistor, Chapman University, USA
Charles Pecheur, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Zvonimir Rakamaric, University of Utah, USA
Neha Rungta, NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Matt Staats, Google, Switzerland
Jun Sun, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore
Massimo Tivoli, University of L'Aquila, Italy
Omer Tripp, IBM, USA
Apostolos Zarras, University of Ioannina, Greece

The presentation schedule is posted here.