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Organizing Committee

General Chair

Laura Dillon
Michigan State University
United States

Program Co-Chairs

Willem Visser
Stellenbosch University
South Africa

Laurie Williams
North Carolina State University
United States

Workshop Co-Chairs

Mauro Pezzè
Università della Svizzera italiana

Marija Mikić
Google Los Angeles
United States

Technical Briefings Co-Chairs

Lori Clarke
The University of Massachusetts, Amherst
United States

Carlo Ghezzi
Politecnico di Milano

Software Engineering In Practice Co-Chairs

Tao Xie
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
United States

Dongmei Zhang
Microsoft Research

SE Education and Training Co-Chairs

Dewayne Perry
The University of Texas, Austin
United States

Janet Burge
Wesleyan University
United States

Software Engineering in Society Co-Chairs

Grace Lewis
Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute
United States

Jon Whittle
Lancaster University
United Kingdom

Visions of 2025 and Beyond Co-Chairs

Gail Murphy
University of British Columbia

David Rosenblum
National University of Singapore

New Faculty Symposium Co-Chairs

Margaret Burnett
Oregon State University
United States

Moonzoo Kim
Republic of Korea

Doctoral Symposium Co-Chairs

Jim Jones
University of California, Irvine
United States

Ita Richardson
University of Limerick

ICSE N-10 MIP Chair

Mary Lou Soffa
The University of Virginia
United States

Demonstrations Co-Chairs

Aditya Nori
Microsoft Research

Yuanfang Cai
Drexel University
United States

Posters Co-Chairs

Dimitra Giannakopoulou
NASA Ames Research Center
United States

James Clause
University of Delaware
United States

Student Contest on
Software Engineering Co-Chairs

Jonathan Cook
New Mexico State University
United States

Carlo Alberto Furia
Chalmers University of Technology

ACM Student Research Competition Co-Chairs

Thorna Humphries
Norfolk State University
United States

Renee Bryce
University of North Texas
United States

Video Contest Chair

Tien Nguyen
Iowa State University
United States

Finance Chair

Will Tracz
Lockheed Martin (retired)
United States

Deputy Chair

William G.J. Halfond
University of Southern California
United States

Student Volunteers Co-Chairs

Miryung Kim
University of California, Los Angeles
United States

Christoph Csallner
University of Texas, Arlington
United States

Registration Chair

Robert Dyer
Bowling Green State University
United States

Proceedings Co-Chairs

Charles Zhang
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Hong Kong, China

Xiangyu Zhang
Purdue University
United States

Publications Chair

Hazel Asuncion
University of Washington, Bothell
United States

Awards Chair

Atif Memon
University of Maryland, College Park
United States

Publicity Co-Chairs

Frances Paulisch
Siemens AG

Rafael Prikladnicki
Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul

Social Networking Chair

Felienne Hermans
Delft University of Technology
The Netherlands

Local Arrangements Co-Chairs

Jianwei Niu
University of Texas at San Antonio
United States

Camron Malik
Chair, IEEE Computer Society - Austin Chapter
United States

Web Co-Chairs

Rodion Podorozhny
Texas State University
United States

Guowei Yang
Texas State University
United States

Student Web Chair

Sonal Mahajan
University of Southern California
United States

ACM Liaisons

Farrah Khan
United States

Fran Spinola
United States

Registration Manager

Ashley Maroon
Executive Events, Boulder CO
United States